Improvcamp features top quality professional instructors to teach and supervise participants while ensuring that they have a great time while learning in a safe and supportive environment. Here are some of the instructors:

Andrew Parry – Andrew has been doing improv for 5 years, is a proud father of Regina based improv group Hitchhikers Improv, and has been from Ottawa to Vancouver to help out in the Canadian Improv Community. Camp has always been a place to call home, the hearty laughs, broken irish spring soap bars, and pulled pork sandwiches have always been able to smack a gleaming smile on his face.

Angelica Schwartz – Angelica is a youtube icon. You might be familiar with some of her more famous works such as “Late Night with Angelica” or “Beatbox Clarinet”. Angelica owes all her fame to her 7 year improv career. The past two years she was Staff member for CIG: Manitoba and Lower Mainlands and she also performed at a few festivals including: UofW Improv festival (2014/2015) and Impulse Festival (2014). Angelica now reigns in Vancouver, where she goes to Studio 58 to learn how to become the ultimate production queen supreme!

Brent Hirose – Brent is an improviser, actor, writer and director based out of Vancouver, B.C. He has been improvising for over a decade, starting his career in Winnipeg, where he co-founded The Horrible Friends, one of the city’s premiere short form troupes as well as the critically acclaimed independent theatre company Theatre by the River. He is now a member of Instant Theatre, with whom he regularly teaches and performs all over the city.

Cameron Chomyn – This improviser has been experimenting with the prairies style of improv for a while now. Coming from Regina, Saskatchewan and from Hitchhikers Improv (The home of the Andy T Shirt). He is extremely excited to be a part of Improv Camp 2014. Who knows, his Dad might even tag along.

Chris Ross – Chris is an actor, an artist, a clown, an improvisor, a playwright/ director and a fool. He is lucky to regularly work with youth of all ages sharing his passion for theatre, performance, games and play. He’s thrilled to be coming back to Improv Camp 2014 and is looking forward to all the good times.

Daniel Gorodetsky – Daniel Gorodetsky has been gracing various stages since the distinguished age of 5. Improvising since 13, his improv skills have developed in congruence with his facial hair and his understanding of improv concepts has deepened along with his voice. Daniel is a CIG national silver medalist and went to Improv Camp 5 times as a camper/leader. Since then, he has had the pleasure of working with Instant Theatre, Blind Tiger Comedy and various other make-em-ups. When he’s not on stage, Daniel can be found playing SPORTS, smelling like calamari and occasionally losing his voice.

Erin Weber – Erin thinks improv is super cool!! She’s done a whole bunch of work with the CIG as a national silver medalist, ref, judge, and everything in between. She’s participated in the Young and Spontaneous festival and Instant Theatre’s conservatory program, and is one-third of the improv trio MFK. Additionally, camp has been the highlight of her summer forever and is so pumped to be here! Ask her what she loves I DARE YOU!

Josephine Hendrick – Josephine is from Edmonton, Alberta. Her improv team in High School competed in the CIG at the national level four years in a row. Since 2011, Josephine has worked with Rapidfire Theatre, which has given her the opportunity to perform weekly, travel, judge, referee and coach improv. She can’t wait to return to Improv Camp as a staff member! She is all set to do some sweet improv with you guys… she has been studying her script for weeks!

Joel Cottingham – Joel is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s acting program. Joel teaches and performs regularly with Instant Theatre in Vancouver, and has guested on other Vancouver shows such as Rapp Battlez Wezt Coazt, Weird Al Karaoke, and Oh Snap Cabaret. Joel’s favourite moment is that first time a new group makes a “mistake” and the entire group laughs at itself, because it is at that moment that all the rest is possible. As a performer, Joel loves to make a strong physical/character choice and then force himself to justify it. Joel is also an actor and DJ.

Julianne Hoyak – Julianne is an improviser and arts teacher. As an alumni of Winnipeg’s Black Hole Theatre Company and Snakeskin Jacket, she has been getting goofy with the Instant Shop crew since 2013 in Cagematch, STREETFIGHT, the Young and Spontaneous Series, and at the 2015 Seattle Improv Festival. Julianne has also been featured in Orange is the New BLANK at Vancouver Fringe. A trained vocalist, Julianne can be seen jamming at Little Mountain Gallery’s Weird Al Karaoke and with the Kingsgate Chorus. She has a killer princess voice and enjoys piggyback rides and sloths, but she is very scared of fish. Please do not present her with a fish.

Kai Rudell – Kai has so far been performing improv for the past 7 years of his life. Armed with most of a film studies degree, Kai can now be often seen performing with Vancouver’s very own Instant Theatre Company.

Katt Campbell – Katt loves cats and she loves camp! She also loves improv, which is lucky for you. She is the Vancouver Island Regional Director for the Canadian Improv Games, and has been involved with the CIG for over a decade. Katt has been improvising since the 90s, and is once of the co-founders of the University of Victoria Improv Club. Currently, Katt is a cast member in Break A Leg: The Improvised Musical and Sin City: The Live, Completely Improvised Soap Opera. BONUS: Katt is a Girl Guide Leader, and she can teach you how to paddle a canoe and tie knots! She lives in Victoria, BC, with her cat Billie and her bicycle Betsy.

Karl Plummer – Karl Plummer has been performing for 14 years, and has appeared on stage in various places across Canada. Winnipeg’s Comedy and Fringe Festivals and Vancouver’s Impluse and Next Act Festivals have all called Karl a friend. This year he was a Big-Time Teacher and Performer for the University of Winnipeg’s improv group and helped organize their first ever festival. This is his second year as a counsellor at the Best Camp Ever!

Karen Cassady – Karen has always loved acting and making a fool of herself since she was a wee one. She was involved with theater all throughout high school and college and was part of the improv group at her college where she graduated with a BA in theater. She is currently an ensemble member at Dad’s Garage Theater Company in Atlanta, Georgia where she she has been doing “make ’em ups” on stage for the past 4 years. She is beyond excited to get to laugh and have fun with amazing kids who are taller than her and enjoy her first trip to Canada!! Eh? (Right guys?)

Katy Bennett – Katy hails from Winnipeg, and has been Improvising for 11 years. She loves cats, dogs, traveling, and collecting buttons! Katy is a member of Winnipeg’s Dungeons and Dragons Improv Troupe, performing for sold-out crowds and 5-star reviews for the past 4 years. Katy has been a part of many festivals in Winnipeg including: The Fringe Festival, Comedy Festival, the IF, and the University of Winnipeg’s Improv Festival which she produced as President of the U of W improv group. Katy is returning staff with 6 years of camp counselling under her belt and she is beyond excited to be back!

Lili Robinson – Lili has been doing stuff on stages since the age of 4, when she sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a platform just a little bit bigger than she was at the PNE and won some watermelon-scented shampoo for her efforts. She has since been unable to keep from spilling her guts wherever people are watching, whether it’s been at CIG Nationals, Conservatory and Streetfight shows at the Havana Theatre, poetry slams, or just on the good ol’ streets of East Vancouver. Be her pal but don’t touch her hair!

Maddy Rafter – Hailing from Richmond, B.C., Maddy has been improvising since 2008. She has had the joy of competing in, and coaching teams in the Canadian Improv Games, and has since trained with Instant Theatre, and UBC improv. Maddy is PUMPED to share the thrill of improv’s creative freedom with as many campers as cosmically possible. Think, INFINITY!

Malcolm McQueen – Mr McQueen has been a proud follower of the cult of improv for the past 9 years. This is his 8th year at improv camp and after extensive tests and experiments an expert group of scientists has come to the conclusion that his excitement level for improv camp is “Just too much. We don’t have the proper numbers for this.”

Michael Augustine – Michael Augustine is a California-born, Vancouver-based improviser with Instant Theatre and one-half of transcontinental duo NBA Hall of Famer. This is his second Improv Camp and he is way excited because his first Improv Camp was the best week of his whole entire life.

Nikolai Witschl – Nikolai is an actor writer and improvisor currently working in Vancouver. From the Canadian Improv Games, Nikolai has worked on nearly a hundred projects, including working with Rapid Fire Theatre, Freewill Shakespeare company, and can currently be seen in The Strain, a horror tv series on FX. He attended Improv camp in 2003 and 2004, and is very excited to be returning in an official capacity. Best Camp Ever!

Raegan Aleman – Raegan has been (hopelessly) devoted to the improvised arts for over 7 years! She is, what many would call, a “CIG baby”, as her love for the art form blossomed and grew into a way of life after four years of competing in the Canadian Improv Games. Upon travelling to Improvcamp on a scholarship in her graduating year, she discovered that there truly is no better place on planet Earth. Raegan is an executive Workshop Instructor for the University of Alberta Improv Group in Edmonton and cannot WAIT to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm to Van-City! (strike up a conversation with her about the beauty of improv, politics, or cats and you’re in)

Shane McLean – Shane is from Calgary but now based out of Vancouver. He’s been improvising for 2ish years and in that time has performed in exotic locations such as New York City and Bellingham, WA! He’s part of Instant Theatre’s Streetfight and Cagematch cast and is a member of Blind Tiger Comedy’s house team. The thing he loves about improv is that the level of enjoyment is directly related to the level of commitment. Shane is looking forward to attending summer camp for the first time at the age of 27.

Trang Nguyen – Trang is in a committed relationship with improvisation. After competing at CIG nationals 2 years in a row and serving as a CIG ref, she continues to fall in love with the Games. She has had many good times with Instant Theatre Conservatory as well as UBC Improv. Aside from doing all things improvisation, her passions also lie within the realms of acting, singing and her current occupation of brussels sprout enthusiast. If you see her do come up and say hi, at 5’2″ she most likely won’t bite!

George Hudson – Camp Chef. George started doing improv in high school in the Manitoba improv league, after that He formed several troups with friends for a year doing local shows, and has been performing in the D&D improv show since 2009. Since then He spends most of his time in kitchens but nothing excites him more than when D&D rolls around!

Alistair Cook – Camp Director. Alistair is the founder of Improvcamp and has been performing, instructing, consulting and directing improvisation for audiences and companies across Canada, the USA and Europe for almost 25 years. A world class instructor, he has worked and trained with some of the greatest teachers in improvisation and has passed on that knowledge to thousands of students over the years, including hundreds of participants who have come through Improvcamp. Alistair has been heavily involved with the Canadian Improv Games (CIG), serving as the National Artistic Director and president of the national tournament. For his years of work Alistair received the Founders award for his dedication and contributions to the CIG twice.

Rene Dellefont – Camp Artistic Director. Rene is from Atlanta Georgia USA where he is the Associate Artistic Director at Dad’s Garage Theatre. This is his 8th year at Improv Camp and his 5th alongside Alistair Cook as Camp Artistic Director.