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Where will the 2018 IMPROV CAMP be held?

IMPROVCAMP is very excited to announce they are back at Camp Fircom, Gambier Island BC for the 2018 event August 20th to 27th

The Camp Fircom facility is outfitted with cabins, which have bunk beds (mattresses included). There is a dining hall and an industrial kitchen where meals are prepared by our certified staff. The camp also includes full modern washrooms (with showers), playing fields, performance tents, and a Large Hall which we will convert into a working theatre for performances.

How old do I need to be to attend? 

Improvcampers should be age secondary school age (13-18 yrs). If your son or daughter is starting or just leaving Secondary school they are still welcome to attend.

How do I get to IMPROV CAMP?

Campers can arrive at camp one of two ways:

1.Live in the Vancouver area? Campers can be dropped off at Horseshoe Bay Government Dock at 10am on August 20th. We will have staff there to meet them and to help them board the water taxi that will leave shortly after. Parents can pick up campers at the dock at 1pm when camp is over. **The camp runs from August 20th -27th

2.Travelling From outside of BC? Campers traveling from afar can take the bus or a flight to Vancouver (not Abbotsford) and we’ll transport you by bus to the Camp for an additional $30 fee that must be selected upon registration. We would ask that your flight arrive in the morning (before noon) and not the late afternoon so that we can get everyone to the camp on time! If you are traveling from the USA please be sure to have your passports and other travel documents in order. ALL FLIGHTS MUST ARRIVE BEFORE NOON ON THE 20th AND DEPART AFTER 2:30 ON THE 27th. We will confirm  your travel info on the phone in June. If you are travelling from out of town to Vancouver by air allow us to ease your nerves. Our staff will be at the airport baggage gates (both of them) with Improvcamp shirts and signs. We then travel with campers on the bus to the HSB dock for water taxi and then on to Improvcamp. All your camper needs to do is navigate the inside of the airport and they will be received with friendly arms upon arrival. The same goes for their departure, we make sure they are checked in and through security safely and on time.

What should I pack?

Even if you’ve been to camp before it’s always a good reminder of what to bring. Here is a copy of our packing list:


▪1 very open mind

▪1 enthusiastic and positive attitude

▪1 pair of comfortable shoes


▪1 light jacket

▪1 bathing suit

▪7 – 10 pairs of warm socks 10 pairs of underwear

▪1 set of pajamas

▪long sleeve shirts

▪pairs of pants – (1 pair of non-denim loose fitting pants, for movement work)

▪1 warm wool sweater or synthetic fleece

▪2 pairs of Shorts

▪1 complete, entirely waterproof rain suit (or nearest that you have… Don’t go buy anything!)

▪2 pairs of sturdy shoes (one for wet, one for dry. this can include your comfy ones)

▪1 sun hat

▪1 pair of rubber boots (If you want, not essential… we hope)

▪1 old flat sheet for mattress cover

▪1 warm, compact sleeping bag

▪1 Pillow (and pillow case)

▪1 flashlight (remember the batteries)

▪large towels

▪1 toiletries kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, soap, shampoo, conditioner, Kleenex, comb)

▪sunscreen (SPR15 or better, Jayden feels this is the most important thing to bring)

▪insect repellent

▪1 bag for dirty clothes

Optional items:

▪Camera, reading books, backpack, hiking boots.

▪A small amount of money for our TUCK SHOP that sells candy, pop and Improv Camp Clothing. (T-shirts normally $25, Hooded Sweatshirts $60.)

Do Not Bring:

▪firearms, food, electronic devices of any kind, unnecessary toiletries, tobacco products, pocket knives, anything of value. You will not need them, you are now an improviser

Those of you that will be flying to camp, please remember that liquids and gels must be packed in your check in luggage.

What is our Refund Policy?

The Improvcamp is a Not for Profit and budgets to spend every dollar at full capacity. We do this so that the cost of camp is the lowest we can make it and that involve as many campers as we can. Or policy is not like most FOR PROFIT ventures however that will refund for many reasons and process that refund as an acceptable loss. If we were a for profit camp we would be charging $1132 which would exclude many of our campers from joining us at Improvcamp.

We refund our registration in full until April 1st and then 50% until June 1st. At June 1st we are fully committed and cannot guarantee that we could replace the spot so therefore we would go into debt if we were to refund this registration. After June 1st we offer no refunds for any reason.


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